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How to hear your TV while watching it from outside your house…

I like to sit outside and watch the TV in my kitchen through the window while having a cigar or hanging out with some friends.  But it’s annoying to not be able to hear the sound.  I don’t want to crank it up as that would annoy my wife.  Also, It’s a hassle to open the window in the winter to hear it and in the warmer months, the smoke from a cigar will always find its way to waft into my wife’s nose and annoy her.  My goal in life is to find ways to avoid annoying my wife.  It just makes for a happier environment to live in. :-D


So here’s what I’ve come up with:  Bluetooth technology!  There’s a cool little adapter that plugs into a speaker or headphone plug on the back of my TV, and I picked up a bluetooth speaker to use outside.  Perfect!


TaoTronics TT-BA01 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Stereo Music Transmitter (Not A Bluetooth Receiver) for 3.5mm Audio Devices (iPod, MP3/MP4, TV, Kindle Fire, Media Players…)

Satechi BT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker System for MP3 Players, iPhone, Android Phones, and iPad

Newly released cigar- The Foundry by General Cigar

I came across these while at my local B&M a week or so ago.  They had just been placed on the shelf that AM in their humidor.  My “guy” at the B&M told me the Foundry Cigars are a new line.  Tells me the flavor profile is a medium bodied cigar and that the leaves used are unknown.  I was intrigued and picked one up to check it out.  As it was so new to the shop, I let it rest for a little while before giving it a go.

Foundry features these four new cigars:

Wells (6″x 50, SRP per cigar is $7.95); Lovelace (6 ¼ ” x 54, SRP per cigar is $8.45); Talbot (5″ x 60, SRP per cigar is $8.95) and Cayley (6 ½” x 60 x 56 x 43, SRP per cigar is $9.45). Each has both a normal paper band and a steampunk-inspired metal gear band.


I took notes as I smoked it and will paste them in below.  The cigar has an odd look to it.  I smoked the cannon shaped Cayley for this review.  It feels wonderful in the hand.  I enjoy the feel of a larger ring gage, and the 60 ring at the fat end  just felt right.  The stick seems well constructed.  I detected no soft spots and no blemishes to speak of.  Not too oily looking, though.  I did not notice any veins or rough spots on the wrapper.

Cutting and Cold Draw:

I cut this cigar with a 2 blade cutter.  At first I think I cut too little and needed to re-cut upon reaching the thickest part of the cigar.

Cold draw is easy and provides grassy notes.

Smoking it:

First inhale:

It starts very mild.  Lighting the Chiseled tip is odd and it lights/burns at the angle it is made with.  We’ll see if it corrects itself.

1st third:

Mild cigar at this point.  I find myself double puffing to get enough flavor, if that makes any sense.  This provides me with just hints of cinnamon, tobacco, and earth.  Just a hint of spice in the nose on retrohale.  Mild spicy notes increase through the 1st third.  Angled burn maintains.  Makes a moderate amount of smoke.

2nd third:

Angled burn starting to bother me.  Will touch it up soon.  Taste now mild-medium as it thickens.  Mild spice and on retrohale with full mouth of smoke reminds me of a Thumann’s hotdog.  That is an odd flavor to find in a cigar.  Not unpleasant, just really unexpected.

Hotdog leaves soon enough, replaced by white pepper, mildly. Held a 2 inch ash before I tapped it off.

Final third:

OK, I just had to straighten the burn.  Still peppery, but mildly so. Plus tobacco.  Getting a little boring.  Expected the larger ring to bring more power, but did not.  Got a little bitter, so I re-cut it a little larger which immediately improved the bitterness.  Still eh, though.  Final 1-1/2 inches: just about med strength.  No change to flavor profile, slightly stronger spice.
*Last inch left a chemical taste, like bile, in my mouth.  Not pleasant at all.

Sadly, I was actually relieved to end this cigar.  Would I buy another one?  Not unless I needed the cool-looking metal gear ring for something.  Would I smoke another if given to me?  Sure.  But I would definitely avoid that last inch; it was nasty.


Overall I’d give it a 75.

This video is of Michael Giannini describing his Foundry Cigars.