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Need some help getting it up? …without it all hanging out in the open!

Wait, it’s not what you think!

I’m talking about putting your TV up on the wall and hiding the wires inside the wall.  I have a great TV,  It’s an LG 55″ LED Smart TV.  I’ve had it on a stand in my Living Room for about a year, but have always wanted it over my fireplace.  (Unfortunately, that’s the only wall which could feasibly handle the TV.) Well, with the Superbowl coming up (Go Denver!), I’ve decided this is as good a time as any to get this done.

I did a lot of research on how to do this and found some great deals at Amazon (where I do most of my shopping these days).  In this post, I’ll detail the process, post photos when I have them and provide links to Amazon for the items I used.  If you follow the links and purchase through them (highly recommended!), I will be paid a small commission by Amazon- Thanks!)


First thing I needed was a TV Mount to hold the TV securely.  I’ve used this company’s mounts before for smaller TVs (in my kitchen and RV).  They worked great, so I felt comfortable choosing them again.  It’s a VideoSecu Wall Mount Kit.  It cost me $29.99 at Amazon, a similar mount at BestBuy was about $89.99.  The Plate comes in two parts which bolt together in the center, making a 32″ wide plate which will comfortably span 2 studs in your wall (assuming you’re built with 16″ stud spacing- the norm in building code for eons.  It went up easily and securely with the included lag bolts.  The directions are good, but didn’t mention how to measure what height to put the mounting plate at.  For my set, it was 18″ from the bottom of the TV to the top rail of the mounting plate.  YMMV, so measure!  Once this is up there, leveled and securely tightened, you could simply hang your TV and you’d be done.  But then you’d have all those hideous wires showing.  Unacceptable.  Especially when it’s so easy to hide them inside the wall..

VideoSecu Tilt TV Wall Mount for Most 37″- 70″ LCD LED Plasma TV Flat Screen with VESA 200×200 to 700x400mm, Sturdy Steel Wall Plate Free 10ft HDMI Cable and Bubble Level 3KR


So, how do we easily bury the cables in the wall?  I found a few kits while researching.  The one I chose is the Arlington TVBR2505K Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer 2-Gang Kit with Recessed Power Solution.  What I really liked about it is that it doesn’t require me to tap into my existing electrical system.  All you do is simply cut the appropriate sized hole in your drywall for the box in a spot which will be covered by your TV.  Then, cut the hole for the other box where your components will be.  Thread a piece of Romex (electrical wire) between the two and connect.  The box near your components has a plug that comes out of it to plug into an existing wall outlet.  Simple.  While feeding the Romex through, you also need to thread through any HDMI cables or other needed cables which go from your home theater system to your TV.  This kit comes with a level and a 10′ length of HDMI cable.  Most people have their components in a cabinet under the wall mounted TV.  Unfortunately, this won’t work for me as there’s a fireplace below the TV.  So I am running the wires in the wall, down to the mantle, inside the mantle, and down the wall to the left of the fireplace.  Sounds hard, but it’s not really.  Another nice feature of this kit is that it makes 2 outlets behind your TV.  That’s great if you have a sound bar, or want to accent your TV with LED lighting, etc…


Speaking of cables; I measured what I needed and came up with about a 20′ length.  So I bought 25′ of all needed wires (Romex, HDMI cables, and a TOSlink optical digital audio cable- for sound from the TV to the receiver).  Romex is cheap and you can get it at any big box hardware place.  But as long as I was ordering stuff from Amazon, I got it there as well.  HDMI cables are insanely expensive if you get them at BestBuy or Home Depot, etc.  I priced them out and it was like 90 bucks for a 10 foot length.  I need three 25 foot lengths!  Usually I order HDMI cables and the like from Monoprice.com.  They have GREAT prices and a good quality product.  BUT, while on Amazon, for the heck of it, I checked the price for 25 foot HDMI cables and they were even a few dollars cheaper ($13.99 each!!), and free shipping/no tax!  Win/Win!  I really only need 2 of them, but I figure I’ll put one extra in while I’m at it, in case I ass a gaming system or have some other need in the future.  I bought a TOSlink optical Digital Audio cable for $14.99.  I also picked up a couple female to female HDMI adapters ($7.99) which will allow me to extend the length of the HDMI cables if I need to by connecting two together.

That’s really all there is to it.  Once I get everything back in place and clean up my living room a little, I’ll update this post with some photos of the completed project.

Here’s a list of the parts I used…

VideoSecu Tilt TV Wall Mount for Most 37″- 70″ LCD LED Plasma TV Flat Screen with VESA 200×200 to 700x400mm, Sturdy Steel Wall Plate Free 10ft HDMI Cable and Bubble Level 3KR


Arlington TVBR2505K Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer 2-Gang Kit with Recessed Power Solution

Mediabridge ULTRA Series HDMI Cable (25 Feet) – High-Speed Supports Ethernet, 3D and Audio Return [Newest Standard]

Mediabridge Toslink Cable (25 Feet) – Optical Digital Audio Cable


Cable Matters (2 Pack) Gold-Plated High Speed HDMI Female Coupler 3D & 4K Resolution-Ready