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Amazon Links & Reviews

This page will be my source for product reviews on Amazon.com purchases I’ve made.  Also, I will place a page of links to Amazon items I have, want or recommend.  The links on this page (and others) will have links with my referral ID embedded in them, so if you click on the link and purchase something, I will get paid a small commission by Amazon.com.  That will be how this site generates income to pay for the hosting, etc…

In the meantime, become an Amazon.com Prime member.  They have a 30 day free trial.  It’s a fantastic deal, free 2 day shipping on Prime Items, free movie and TV show streaming content, and a ton of other benefits.  Check it out!


  • cindy says:

    Hi Brian. I have ended up here after watching your 2010 YouTube video where you scan your father’s book for Kindle use, using the ScanSnap S1500. The video ends with a reference to a webpage of your where you were selling the scanners. The page no longer works. Do you happen to have any more of those to sell?

    March 15, 2013 at 1:33 PM

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