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Canon 6D

About a million years ago, I was a fairly decent photographer.  At least I fooled my Dad into thinking so, anyway.   That was back when cameras used actual film to capture an image.

I then got a point and shoot digital camera (several of them, actually) and their ease of use helped me forget everything I once knew about using a real camera.

Now, I feel the need to be more involved in the process of creating beautiful images.  I have had a Canon EOS Rebel XS for a few years, and it is a rather decent entry level DSLR  (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera, but one thing on it that bothered me the most was the fact that it has a smaller sensor in it than a full frame camera.  So using a 50mm lens on it doesn’t equal using a 50mm lens on an old 35mm film camera.

Enter my new camera, the Canon 6D.  It’s still in the EOS family of camera, so the controls are familiar.  There is a little difference in the placement of them, etc.  But all in all the menu system, etc are really intuitive.  It is a Full Frame camera, meaning that the digital sensor in it is the same size as a 35mm camera piece of film.  This makes thing look “right” to me.  When I look through a 50mm lens, I see what I used to see.   It feels rugged in my hands.  The light sensitivity it amazing, with ISO settings up to 25,600 and an extended range of up to 102,400- which is just freaking nuts.

The Canon 6D has an amazing ability to focus automatically in very low light situations.  It can focus in the dark better than I can, that’s for certain.

It also features Wifi and GPS.  The GPS is useful for geotagging photos, etc., which will make them appear in Google searches more readily.  The Wifi feature allows the camera to be controlled by an App installed on your phone or table, as well as allowing the photos on the camera to be viewed and downloaded to your mobile devices, etc…

If you are looking for a GREAT camera, consider the Canon 6D.  It’s a very affordable full frame camera…




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