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Newly released cigar- The Foundry by General Cigar

I came across these while at my local B&M a week or so ago.  They had just been placed on the shelf that AM in their humidor.  My “guy” at the B&M told me the Foundry Cigars are a new line.  Tells me the flavor profile is a medium bodied cigar and that the leaves used are unknown.  I was intrigued and picked one up to check it out.  As it was so new to the shop, I let it rest for a little while before giving it a go.

Foundry features these four new cigars:

Wells (6″x 50, SRP per cigar is $7.95); Lovelace (6 ¼ ” x 54, SRP per cigar is $8.45); Talbot (5″ x 60, SRP per cigar is $8.95) and Cayley (6 ½” x 60 x 56 x 43, SRP per cigar is $9.45). Each has both a normal paper band and a steampunk-inspired metal gear band.


I took notes as I smoked it and will paste them in below.  The cigar has an odd look to it.  I smoked the cannon shaped Cayley for this review.  It feels wonderful in the hand.  I enjoy the feel of a larger ring gage, and the 60 ring at the fat end  just felt right.  The stick seems well constructed.  I detected no soft spots and no blemishes to speak of.  Not too oily looking, though.  I did not notice any veins or rough spots on the wrapper.

Cutting and Cold Draw:

I cut this cigar with a 2 blade cutter.  At first I think I cut too little and needed to re-cut upon reaching the thickest part of the cigar.

Cold draw is easy and provides grassy notes.

Smoking it:

First inhale:

It starts very mild.  Lighting the Chiseled tip is odd and it lights/burns at the angle it is made with.  We’ll see if it corrects itself.

1st third:

Mild cigar at this point.  I find myself double puffing to get enough flavor, if that makes any sense.  This provides me with just hints of cinnamon, tobacco, and earth.  Just a hint of spice in the nose on retrohale.  Mild spicy notes increase through the 1st third.  Angled burn maintains.  Makes a moderate amount of smoke.

2nd third:

Angled burn starting to bother me.  Will touch it up soon.  Taste now mild-medium as it thickens.  Mild spice and on retrohale with full mouth of smoke reminds me of a Thumann’s hotdog.  That is an odd flavor to find in a cigar.  Not unpleasant, just really unexpected.

Hotdog leaves soon enough, replaced by white pepper, mildly. Held a 2 inch ash before I tapped it off.

Final third:

OK, I just had to straighten the burn.  Still peppery, but mildly so. Plus tobacco.  Getting a little boring.  Expected the larger ring to bring more power, but did not.  Got a little bitter, so I re-cut it a little larger which immediately improved the bitterness.  Still eh, though.  Final 1-1/2 inches: just about med strength.  No change to flavor profile, slightly stronger spice.
*Last inch left a chemical taste, like bile, in my mouth.  Not pleasant at all.

Sadly, I was actually relieved to end this cigar.  Would I buy another one?  Not unless I needed the cool-looking metal gear ring for something.  Would I smoke another if given to me?  Sure.  But I would definitely avoid that last inch; it was nasty.


Overall I’d give it a 75.

This video is of Michael Giannini describing his Foundry Cigars.


My First Cigar…

On July 6th, 2012, I delved into the world of fine cigars.  It was an experience shared with my best friend and was very enjoyable.  My first cigar was a Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro.  It was a mild and very pleasant first smoke, and one I find myself going back to on occasion to revisit.

I had been very hesitant to try smoking cigars as I have been nicotine free for 12+ years after being a 3-4 pack a day cigarette smoker.  I (and my wife Karen) had been afraid that the reintroduction of nicotine into my system would set off cravings and drag me back to the world of cigarettes (drag- get it??).  I’ve always enjoyed the smell of cigars and pipes as well, and decided to give it a go.  I can honestly say that I have had absolutely no desire to have a cigarette since starting this recreation.  I usually have 1-2 cigars a day, of course no inhaling.

I like to have one midday when we’re outside on the deck, etc.  And my favorite smoke is late at night or early morning hours after my wife goes to sleep.  I sit outside on my deck (or my porch if it’s raining) and light one up.  I use this time to reflect on the events of the day, the future and to generally “veg out” watching mindless video streams on my BlackBerry PlayBook… (I’m a big Big Brother fan!).  The best part of this time is what it guarantees me.  I know that every day I will have a 1-1/2  to 2 hour “mind vacation” where I can totally relax and reflect if I desire, blow smoke rings up to the heavens and enjoy the stars.  It is a very pleasant experience and I encourage others to provide themselves with this.  Cigars make it easier for me to set the time aside.  They kind of force me to take the time to relax for a couple hours every day.  I think that’s something we should all do in the go-go world we live in.  We tend to rush around so much that we forget to enjoy living life.

So, take the time to reward yourself with a little “mind vacation” too, maybe have a cigar, while you’re at it.  You might just find that you like it!