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Great Aquarium Powerheads!

I needed some increased flow in my mixed reef tank.  I’ve been doing some research on it and really wanted Tunzes.  But the cost of them are astronomical.  Well, a company called Jebao has come out with a similar unit for a fraction of the cost.  I just put one (WP-25) in my 65 gallon mixed reef, saltwater tank today and it is amazing!  ONE powerhead replaced the three I had in the tank which makes the tank MUCH more appealing to look at.  Check them out!

They also have a controller to use it as a wavemaker, and a feature on the WP-25 and larger is a light sensor that can tell when your lights are off and reduces the flow in the tank automatically!

Here’s a couple youtube videos of the WP-25 in action (not of my tank, mind you!)


WP-10 (for a smaller tank)   Moves 530-1000 GPH!

Jebao WP-10 Wavemaker with Controller, 530 to 1000 GPH

WP-25 (What I chose for my 65 Gallon tank)  Moves 800-2,000 gallons/hour!

Jebao WP-25 Wavemaker with Controller, 800gph-2000gph

WP-40 moves 900-3,400 GPH!

Jebao WP-40 Wavemaker with Controller, 900gph-3400gph


And for you big tank owners, here’s the WP-60…

Jebao WP-60 Wavemaker with Controller, 2600gph to 5300gph

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  • Fares says:

    Ben – This is too cool!I recently got an Arduino kit to play with, and was thiiknng that making a wave maker might be a fun project. But since I do not have much experience with building electronics I was stuck on how to switch the pumps. I have seen examples of switching AC line voltage with relays, but the thought of a set of relays clicking on/off under my tank was not too exciting. I have not heard of Solid State Relays before, but it looks like the perfect component for this.So since it has been a while since you posted this article, I am wondering how it is working for you?Again Thanks – Mark

    April 30, 2014 at 12:12 AM
    • Brian says:

      Hi Fares!
      The WP’s are working great. I managed to break a WP-25, but it was my fault. I replaced it with an RW-8, The RW series isw also from Jebao. They have a little wider flow pattern. The controllers are similar to the WP series, but they have the ability to wirelessly communicate with other RW controllers. So you can set one as master and the rest as slave and controll them all from the master controller. A great feature if you ask me! Check them out…





      June 23, 2015 at 5:03 PM
  • Brian says:

    I read on ReefCentral, or reef2reef about someone wiring these into an arduino controller. I’m happy with the controller that came with it.

    What size tank do you have? What size WPs are you looking at?

    I love mine!
    (If you get them from Amaazon, please use my link! It helps run this site, and buy more coral!!!

    Brian (not Ben…)

    April 30, 2014 at 2:06 PM

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