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Social Media

What site would be complete without links to all the ways you can incorporate the ever important ME into your daily life?  If you just can’t get enough of me, and I understand-it happens all the time- feel free to friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, etc…

If you enjoy any of what you see or read here, please comment about it and share it in your various social media venues of choice.  I appreciate it.  The more people who see these pages the better, as it increases the chance that someone will buy something from an Amazon.com link here which helps me pay for the site.

So, here I am…  Facebook   Twitter @WBrianMurphy   Foursquare

I am also on Twitter as @DestroyerBooks.  I help my Dad with his Destroyer series and Tweet via that account with Destroyer news, book release info, etc…

If you are into the Destroyer Series, check out (and LIKE!!) our Facebook page, too!

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